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What we do!

We provide bespoke solutions to the challenges of running a business in the recruitment industry through smart software development and IT support.

Your businesses is unique in many ways, but you still face many of the same challenges as your competitors. We are here to ensure you can easily overcome the common recruitment challenges and maximise your unique strengths.


This is our next generation recruitment platform. With all the features that a busy staffing agency needs to manage their entire recruitment workflow.

Website Development and Hosting

Simple, modern and effective websites designed to be Google friendly and entice clients and candidates to engage with your business. The first step is often the hardest so we make it as easy as possible for them.

Custom Software Development

Ensuring that your data and processes are secure automated and compliant with industry regulations. We help ensure your staff are doing what they should be doing: speaking to clients and candidates.

IT Support

Cost and service downtime reduction by providing reliable and cost effective telephone, broadband, network, software and hardware through our partnership with NETIFI.

Simple and effective ATS and timesheet software. Ready to use, or customised.

Our KOODLE® application is system ready. With little basic training and possibly some data migration you can be up-and-running.

In our experience though one size rarely fits all. We haven't tried to develop a product that does everything for everyone. We instead opt to augment our base software with custom modules and additional changes to fit the software around you and not you around the software.

Use KOODLE® to optimise your recruitment workflow, freeing up time to look after your clients and candidates.

Our aim is to free your staff from the mundane tasks that stop them from looking after your clients and candidates. We help ensure that the day-to-day task are taken care off quickly and effectively.

You can invite clients to log in, fill in timesheets and give them the reports they need to answer common questions about the service you are offering.

Enable clients to monitor and report on candidate performance to ensure they are getting the right people for the job.


The next generation in recruitment platforms. Designed and developed from the ground up to be fast, secure and reliable. We have taken some of the best ideas from other systems and added a few of our own to build a platform for the modern recruitment company.

Cloud Hosted

Backed by the giant of cloud computing Amazon. Their infrastructure ensures that KOODLE can run with near 100% uptime.

GDPR Compliance

Configure and monitor document and data retention and effortlessly deal with data access requests.

Multi-Channel Vacancy Posting

Create a vacancy description once and monitor its effectiveness on multiple free job boards, including your own built in job board.

Configurable On-Boarding Process

Create your own staged process to ensure you are employing the right people with the correct skill set and compliance documentation.

Timesheet and Biometrics

Our electronic timesheets and optional biometric input devices combined with higly configurable rate and cost calculations is industry leading.

Relationship Management

Manage all your client and candidate data from within the application and send notifications and messages through email or SMS.

Why choose us?

We offer software and services to act as a solid foundation for your business. Nothing more, nothing less. If that is what you require then all you have to do is give us a call.

Competitive Rates

We offer rates which are very competitive to similar companies, but still reflect our level of excellence.

People First Principles

We are a technology company but we understand that people are more important than technology.


We are always at hand to answer any questions and help you with any addional requirements you might have.


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Message from our CEO

"It's now 2020 - the future is here. If you haven't already done so then it's time pull your business into the future with Koodle Software"

Chris Hatton (CEO)

Christopher Hatton, BSc (Hons), Computer Science

We have been working hard over the last year to complete KOODLE® for a 2020 launch. We have listened to our clients and kept our finger on the pulse of recruitment and recruitment software and as a result we have created a product and service that is relevant for 2020 and many years beyond.

We are excited to see how we can help your business in 2020, so please get in touch with any questions that you might have. We will be only too happy to help.

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