Digital Visitor Book

Provide a professional and modern impression to your visitors as they enter your premisses with the knowledge that their data is securely and legally handled.

Our visitor books comes in two parts:

  1. A mobile application you can install on a mobile device on entrance to your premises.
  2. An online application for remotely managing the login data collected.

Please note that a WIFI Internet connection is required for the mobile application to send data to our secure cloud database.

Introductory Service Price

For a limited time you can subscribe to this service for as little as £5 / month.

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We provide a simple and very cost effective way to securely and automatically manage your data retention requirements. Visitor can login knowing their data is safe, can be only seen by you and will be removed unless they opt to have further contact.

In addition we have a simple way for you to report Covid-19 cases and enable you to inform possible affected visitors and share this information with the NHS if required.

Secure Cloud Data Store

All login entries will instantly transferred to a secure central cloud database. This gives you realtime reporting abilities in addition to knowing all the data is never stored on an unsecured mobile device.

Covid-19 Reporting

Visitors or staff reporting positive Covid-19 test results can be reported in the application and other possible affected visitors can be contacted or the information can be shared with the NHS if required.

Spreadsheet Report Download

Entry data can be downloaded at any time which is esspecally useful for visitors that have opted into future contact for marketing or any other valid reasons determined by your company.