Koodle® Explained

by Chris Hatton

What is its purpose?

The overall purpose is to serve as a basis for time and cost saving through increased efficiency in the general workflow and processes common to most recruitment agencies. It also serves as a foundation for you to provide your existing and prospective clients and candidates with a much higher quality of service.

Who would use it?

It's designed for any busy recruitment agency that needs to manage medium to high volumes of client and candidate data. It is also a system that allows your recruitment agency to manage compliance documentation; data retention and request requirements for legal purposes e.g. GDPR.

What if it doesn't exactly fit my requirements?

The great thing about Koodle® is that we have a fully modular design so that we can easily fit the software around you and not you around that software. If you need Koodle® to speak to your accounting or HR system then we can implement that I'm sure. If you need Koodle® to collect, manage and report on data in a specific way then I'm sure we can also do that.

The three major functions of Koodle®

Although the following is a rather simplified breakdown of the main functions of Koodle® it serves to highlight some of the main features you get out of the box.

Koodle® excels at bulk recruitment and recruitment involving multiple client relationship managers. With Koodle® you create a job description and in couple of clicks you have your job published to multiple channels including:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Free job boards: Indeed, Triovit, Adzuna
  • Your own configurable job board, which is Google for Jobs optimised.

You also have at your disposal a fully configurable on-boarding pipeline and document builder to manage candidates and gathering data as they progress through your on-boarding workflow.

Need more social media or job board options? No problem, just ask and we will provide.

Koodle® has everything you will need to manage your client's and candidate's data in such as way as to meet all your compliance and security requirements for now and in the future.

With an fully configurable cost calculation system Koodle® excels at managing timesheets even for those clients with very exacting wage calculation rules. Full configuration of overtime, breaks, parity pay, bonus payments are included.

For staffing agencies our optional biometric time and attendance system integration is sure to put you streets ahead of your competitors. Our automatic timesheet population will save you and your clients from hours of work each week as well as increasing accuracy of time recording.

Our cost calculation system accurately calculates wages and charges to the clients as well as automatic invoice creation.

Need to automatic invoice creation in your accounting system? No problem, just ask and we will provide.

Central to Koodle® is your own powerful central database. Once we have organised your data there are almost no limits on how you can report and manage that data. Out of the box we provide a number of reports that are most useful for you and your clients:

  • Attrition Rates
  • Time to Hire
  • On-boarding Metrics
  • Candidate Source
  • Cost by department
  • Cost by client
  • And more...

We also provide various functions to manage and report on the length of time documents and data are kept in your database. It is flexible enough to comply with the current GDPR requirements and future proof for any data retention requirements that might come in the future.

Need more reporting options? No problem, just ask and we will provide.

We hope this has given you just enough information to pique your interest. Why not give us a call on @telephone and we can chat about any specific requirements you might have?

The Modern Recruiter
It's not enough for today's successful recruiters to be masters of communication and sales, they have to be masters of social marketing and have the knowledge to operate successfully in today's internet driven industry. Koodle are here to help in that respect. We provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you drive your business.